Training and Assessment Student Application Questionnaire

BCA National is proud and honoured that you have enquired with us about beginning your training journey.


BCA National uses a team of experts to review every application to ensure that:

  1. You are aware of the commitment involved in undertaking this training
  2. You are applying to enrol into the course that is most suited to your life, interests and career path
  3. You are in a position of being likely to complete the qualification you begin
  4. You have the resources and other tools required to be able to actively engage and complete the training
  5. BCA National are aware of any additional support you may require


Some hints that will increase your likelihood of success in your application

  1. Be honest and clear about why you are training and what you hope to get out of it
  2. Use your own words. The Admissions Board wants to know about YOU
  3. Include as much information as you can so the Admissions Board can make a decision based on the best information possible
  4. Take your time when you complete your application
  5. If you are subsequently asked to provide more information, don’t take this as a negative. The  Admissions Board is just trying to ensure that the course you are about to undertake is the right one for you

The Admissions Board meets every week, and we look forward to going through your application.

The TAE application questionnaire is broken up into 2 sections. Section 1 looks at training and Assessment (how to train) & section 2 looks at industry experience (what to train)

Our experience has found that most students require individual support, and that this support will vary depending on various factors. We have developed a list of general ‘student types’ that may indicate the level and type of support that is most accessible and appropriate for you. We want to give people the chance to ‘self identify’ if they believe they know what type of support they need.

Read the following categories. If you believe one of the following statements MOST describes why you are studying, then tick that box.
If you believe you are not in one of the categories 1-7, this just says to us we need to find out more about you as your training progresses.

Section 2 - Your Training and Assessment Experience

Section 3 - Your industry knowledge and experience