Trainer profiles

Anna Tullemans

Trainer & Assessor

University Certificate in Autistic Spectrum Disorders; Diploma of Education Support; Certificate IV in Training & Assessment; Certificate IV in Business (Small Business Management); Autism and Asperger Syndrome Specialist

Anna Tullemans has over 15 years of experience working within community services and health. She has been a BCA National trainer since 2004.

As a specialist in autism and Asperger syndrome, Anna has experience in working with individuals with disabilities and their vulnerability to mental illness. She runs a private consultancy, Meeting the Needs of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and has worked with adolescents and adults with disabilities who also suffer from mental health issues. Anna is a remarkable trainer with a high student completion rate.

She has facilitated training to groups and participants from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and participants facing language, literacy and numeracy challenges.

Anna has a high level understanding of the issues within the community services sector, including case management, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and children and families with autism.

She has highly effective group work skills and effectively manages tutorials and group discussions from various client backgrounds, facilitating effective and open class discussion to enable students to understand one-another’s perspectives in the area of community services and health.

Clare Boland

Trainer & Assessor

Bachelor of Education; Bachelor of Primary Teaching; Diploma of Community Services Work; Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

Clare has been a trainer and assessor for BCA National for more than 7 years, specialising in school support and education support courses.

With over 15 years of experience as a primary school teacher, Clare imparts valuable knowledge to her students particularly in the area of supporting children with disabilities in the classroom.

Clare has built relationships with the Catholic Education Office including CEO Sydney, CEO Parramatta and CEO Canberra-Goulburn and has had remarkable success with student completion rates.

In recent years, two of Clare’s students have gone on to represent BCA National in the Trainee of the Year category for the annual NSW Training Awards:

  1. Elizabeth Brown - 2012 Trainee of the Year Winner (Illawarra & South East NSW Region)
  2. Mary-Rose Wigan - 2011 State Finalist and 2011 Trainee of the Year Winner (Southern Sydney Region)

Garry Morris (OAM)

Trainer & Assessor

Advanced Diploma of Management; Certificate IV in Training & Assessment; Certificate IV in Frontline Management; Certificate IV in Hospitality; Certificate III in Business

Garry Morris has extensive experience in training, business management, business, hospitality, retail and frontline management qualifications.

Garry’s work includes 30 years at QANTAS, 18 of which he worked as a Customer Service Manager on board an aircraft. During this time, Garry worked on special projects including the on-board training of 3,000 long-haul flight attendants on new aircraft.

He has proven experience in instructional design, developing training materials and has been involved in the development of procedures, processes and tools required to provide evidence of assessment.

In 2005, Garry established the St George Children with Disabilities Fund and was appointed Trustee.

Garry has a reputation as a challenging and capable trainer and assessor. He is committed to good management and leadership and was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 2003 for services to the community.

Matthew Walker

Trainer & Assessor

Bachelor of Social Science (Welfare); Graduate Diploma of Vocational Education & Training; Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

Matthew (Jed) Walker has over 20 years of experience in the community services sector as a youth worker, residential carer and case manager.

For more than a decade, he worked with the Katoomba Youth Refuge and coordinated projects like the Youth Arts Festival, Young Offenders Health Group, and Drug Education.

Since 2003, Jed has been participating in voluntary group work with ex-offenders (adults and young people) in the areas of anger management, life skills and personal development.

He has more than 10 years of experience in vocational education, delivering training in advocacy, case management, early intervention, child protection, community development and conflict resolution.

Jed also has experience in developing online resources in areas such as youth work, alcohol and other drugs, supporting young people in crisis, and responding to critical situations.