Student Placement Success Stories


Ian Clements

Diploma of Community Services Work, Dungog 2015


In early 2015 Ian Clements completed his Diploma of Community Services Work with BCA National Training Group. Ian who lost his sight before he turned 21, was part of a pilot program run in Dungog to deliver Diploma level community services courses in partnership with the Dungog Community Centre (DCC). The purpose of the program was to train and upskill the local community about the Community Services industry and ultimately fulfill job needs within the area. Ian was one of 26 students who started the program in 2014 studying at the State Emergency Service (SES) Training Room.

As part of the program, all students were required to complete 200 hours mandatory practical placement. Ian commenced his work placement with the local high school as a mentor for young people. Ian enjoyed his time at the school and upon completion of his qualification he was approached and offered paid employment with the high school. Ian currently works as Student Learning Support Officer at Dungog Highschool. Despite the usual challenges with balancing family and work priorities, Ian continued to submit course work at a quality standard.

Ian is an outstanding example of a successful BCA National student, he had demonstrated endless commitment and dedication in completing his qualification, juggling both family, personal and work priorities.