What is a Community Service worker

February 3, 2017

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What is the job of a community service worker?


Working in community services offers a rich, varied and rewarding career path. We look at the wide range of options within community services jobs and where they could take you and your career.


What does a community service worker do?

Community service workers either directly or indirectly assist in meeting needs of the community by providing information, guidance and support. On a daily basis you could be linking clients to appropriate services, assessing individuals’ eligibility for assistance or helping them to find ways to use and build on their potential. If you take a look through available listings for community worker jobs, you’ll see that the roles are incredibly varied. The different areas you can work in can include but are not limited to indigenous services, family support, migrant services, aged care, community and adult education, welfare support, counselling services and youth services.


Where can community services jobs be found?

There will always be a need for good community service workers to help the disadvantaged and vulnerable in our society. If you’re searching for jobs for a community service worker, the great news is there is a wide choice of employers and industries. In many cases employers will be government run or partially government funded, while other employers are completely private entities.


What qualifications does a community service worker need to have?

Employers will typically look for community services workers with relevant qualifications from secondary or tertiary providers, and ideally some experience in the field. BCA National’s community services courses are designed specifically to help you enter community care roles with hands-on experience whatever your age or life stage. Many go on to specialise in a certain field within community care, for example nursing, counselling or physiotherapy.


Are community worker jobs different to youth worker jobs?

As the title suggests, youth worker jobs are focused on children and young people. This specific category fits into the wider community work category, which spans everything from youth and aged care to parole and welfare services. You may well find that you particularly enjoy working within one specific area once you begin your career and decide to further specialise.


At BCA National we’d love to help you begin your career in community work. Our range of community services courses are designed to thoroughly equip you for your choice of jobs for community service workers, so read more about the options or apply today to get started on your future pathway.