How online training can change the face of education

March 2, 2016

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In recent years, more and more people around the world have started taking online education seriously. Now, not everybody is hopping on their computers to study online. But a general sense of acceptance has swept through the academic world. All we can say about that is that it’s about time.

Online training can transform who is able to learn and how they are able to do so. Here are just a few ways learning online is bringing more knowledge the world.

It bridges geographic gaps

Studying online is open to nearly anybody who has access to an internet connection. No longer are potential students restricted by their geography. Maybe the best business universities are hundreds of kilometres away from where you live, and you’re unable to get to and from campus for one reason or another. Being able to study online makes it easier to get a degree such as a Diploma of Accounting regardless of how geographically close you are to a university. Online training brings the classes to millions more of those looking to learn.

It bridges socioeconomic gaps

Unfortunately not everywhere is equipped with sufficient funding for education. There are underserved areas that might not offer the same academic opportunities as other communities. Online courses can help close these funding gaps by offering more flexible, affordable learning options for those in impoverished areas. With the National Broadband Network being rolled out across Australia, more and more people in regions around the country will have access to high-speed internet that they can use to study online.

It bridges the equipment gap

Mobile phones and tablets are seemingly everywhere these days. Instead of just  using them to shoot dumb emojis back and forth or share the latest video of a cat stuck in a box, why not use them for something more long-lasting and beneficial? Online learning, through sites as well as apps, can harness the power of mobile technology and put it toward increasing overall knowledge.

Being able to take advantage of these courses is the first step in building a more learned community. But, unfortunately, having access to a quality education is not a given for everybody. Online training outlets such as BCA National help change that. Popular courses such as Diploma of Community Services or Diploma of Counselling that can be used to help people enter the workforce are being offered at affordable prices to more and more people every day. Education is changing, and online training is at the forefront of the evolution.