5 tools and accessories that can help you study online

August 11, 2016

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Putting yourself in the best position to succeed when studying online is one of the keys to getting the most out of BCA National’s great courses. This preparation comes in a variety of forms, one of which is making sure you have the right tools. In addition to picking up the best computer for studying online, you’ll also want to arm yourself with some accessories.

Here are five tools and accessories that can help you study online.

1)      A lap desk

If you find yourself studying on the go, you might not always have the benefit of sitting at a comfortable desk. A lap desk gives you a sturdy platform on which to use your laptop. While it’s no replacement for the full-sized version, a lap desk can keep your legs from heating up under your laptop, making your more comfortable and, therefore, productive.

2)      A footrest

Following the logic behind the lap desk solution, if you’re uncomfortable you’re far less likely to be able to power through a solid online study session. Think about it. If your back is hurting, you’re far more likely to bail on your Diploma of Counselling reading. A simple footrest can make all the difference here, aiding your body in its circulation and posture.

3)      A timer

One of the most popular techniques when it comes to online learning is the Pomodoro technique, which sees users work hard for about 25 minutes before taking 5 minutes off, before repeating the process. Whether you follow this theory strictly or not, setting a timer to let you know how long you’ve been working can be a helpful way to keep yourself on track.

4)      Muesli bars

You can really substitute any at-least moderately healthy snack in here. When you’re hungry, your mind wanders and your blood sugar can become depleted, making you mentally and physically exhausted. Muesli bars can give you a little shot of energy and are easy enough to throw in your bag, desk drawer or even your pocket.

5)      Typing gloves

Popular with coders and gamers, typing gloves keep your hands warm while still giving you a chance to bash out your best work. Some gloves keep the top portion of your fingers uncovered, while others cover your whole hand but are specially made for use with touchscreen devices. That means, regardless of what device you’re using, there’s no need to have chilly mitts!

Having the desire and dedication to study online will go a long way in ensuring your success. But do yourself a favour and pick up a few of these items to take your studying to the next level.