5 tips for writing a superstar cover letter

August 4, 2016

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Selling yourself to companies in an attempt to get a job can be a tiring process. Luckily for you, we here at BCA National are ready and willing to help. Here are five slam dunk cover letter tips that can help you during your application process. 

1)      Embrace the opportunity

Your cover letter is another chance for you to highlight your strengths, so don’t treat it as a simple summary of your CV. Your potential employer can already see your biographical information and a list of your accomplishments. For example, in your cover letter, don’t just tell those hiring that you’ve completed your Diploma of Accounting online. Explain to them how doing so will benefit them.

2)      Show how the company’s the real winner

Yes, your cover letter is a chance to showcase a bit about yourself. But try to position your cover letter to show your potential importance to the company you’re applying to. Talk about the organisation for which you want to work and use a structure that highlights how well-suited you are to addressing the business’ needs.

3)      Keep it clean

This one is quite obvious, but you don’t really have many chances to clean up mistakes with cover letters. In interviews, if you misspeak, you can just quickly correct yourself and keep rolling with little damage done. With a cover letter, typos and factual errors are written in ink. These tiny errors can make you seem unprofessional, lacking in attention to detail and uninterested in the role.

4)      Be yourself

Your cover letter gives you a chance to let your personality shine through and can earn you a chance to sit down for an interview. Before you schedule a chat, you’re going to have to show prospective employers what you’re all about through words on a page (or, more likely, a screen). Stay professional, but don’t feel the need to be completely risk averse. Show hirers who you are and express your excitement about working for the company.

5)      Conciseness is king (or queen)

While you want to use your cover letter as a platform to expound a bit further on your abilities, you don’t want to ramble on for pages and pages. Try to keep your cover letter to around half a page. Don’t waste too much time on things hirers already know, such as what position you’re applying for.

Consider your cover letter another way to show who you are and what you’re all about. BCA National, one of Australia’s most trusted RTOs, is already the place to turn when you want to study online in Australia. Make it a source of information about how to tackle getting the job of your dreams after you’re finished with that online study, too.