5 signs a career in child education is right for you

June 15, 2016

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Teaching and caring for children can be one of the most rewarding professions. It’s quite gratifying to mould the minds of the leaders of tomorrow. BCA National, one of Australia’s most trusted RTOs, has a range of awesome online education courses that can prepare you for a career shaping others.

Unsure if you are cut out for the life of a child education and care professional? Here are five signs that such a career is the right path for you.

You are patient

Young children learn at different rates. That means childcare professionals and teachers need to be able to slow down and take extra time to help students that need a bit of extra assistance. This often requires repeatedly explaining seemingly simple concepts such as sharing and listening. Teachers that get frustrated with young students can cause damage that has lasting effects.

You are enthusiastic

Making school and other educational environments fun for children is one of the most important parts of enhancing their ability to learn. As a childhood education and care worker, you need to have a sunny disposition and be excited about learning. That makes such roles perfect for people who find themselves looking on the bright side of life.

You are creative

Being able to inspire children’s imaginations is another asset of those fit for early childhood education and care. If you consider yourself creative and think you’d enjoy coming up with new ways to teach important concepts and  devising fun, unique games, early childhood education and care could be perfect for you.  

You are professional

The term “professional” might make you think of high-flying corporate workers dressed in suits and blazers, shaking hands with other powerful business representatives. But it can also apply to school aged childhood education and care. Some jobs give you the chance to lock yourself away in your office and avoid colleagues when you’re having trouble in your outside life. With children, you always need to be able to put on your game face and be enthusiastic and patient.

You care about helping others

Teaching is one of the best ways you can help others. Just because you’re not donating items or money to a cause doesn’t mean you’re not having a massive positive impact on people, even if those people are quite young. Working with children gives you a chance to build foundational traits that people use in everyday life.

If you fit the bill and have been considering a career in teaching or child care, studying a relevant course could be a perfect option for you. Check out BCA National’s Diploma of School Aged Childhood Education and Care (online) or Certificate IV in Education Support (face to face) for a qualification that can move you to the front of the class.