English Language Pathways

Prospective students who would like to build on their English language skills before commencing their Certificate or Diploma level studies in Australia may choose to participate in an English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS). ELICOS providers have a range of programs, several of which are mapped as equivalent to an IETLS test score 5.5 or higher.

BCA National is partnered with four ELICOS providers. Our institutional agreements allow prospective students to package confirmation of enrolments (COEs) for their student visa application. You must first apply for and be accepted into both institutions. Then with a COE from both BCA National and the selected ELICOS institution, you can apply for a student visa to cover both programs of study. If the visa is granted, you can start your course at the ELICOS institution. Upon successfully graduating you can begin your course of study at BCA National (presuming you have met the English language entry requirements).

Please see the websites of our ELICOS partners below for more information about english language courses:

Ability English - www.ability.edu.au

Greenwich English College - www.greenwichcollege.com.au

Navitas English - www.navitasenglish.com

International House - www.ihsydney.com.au