Rowena Daguio, Certificate IV in Ageing Support

"The staff are amazing in assisting me from the start since it’s my first time here. They are the ones who adjusted for me. And they let me feel that there is nothing to worry about from my class to work placement. They are always there for me every time I have some questions/clarifications. Our trainer makes me understand the topic in an easy way. And if we can’t get it, she will give us ideas and examples to let us understand more. And she always makes the class lively by encouraging everyone to participate during discussions."

Chynna Rose Pampa, Certificate IV in Ageing Support

"The BCA provided me a lot of opportunities which helped me develop my personality, knowledge and skills. The staff were very approachable and helpful. The instructors discussed topics clearly and provided information that we needed. I loved being part of BCA and I dont have any regret of choosing to study here."


Ginalyn Buenafe, Certificate IV in Ageing Support

"BCA National creates opportunities for international students like me. The institution is helping us to be prepared as professionals and put great value to work ethics. They are offering better and fun school environment. Also, the staff and teachers are all competent. I will difinitely recommend this school to my colleagues in the Phillipines."


Hazel Cinense, Certificate IV in Ageing Support

"The school is awesome. The staff are approachable and very friendly. They provide us all the time with whatever we need. The place is very clean and soothing. The rooms are good for studying. I have enjoyed every time I studied here. In general, BCA is great!"


Karla Dagdag, Certificate IV in Ageing Support

“BCA National offered me the best opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills not only as a student but also for my well-being. They also helped me to interact with different kinds of people and meet new friends as well. The staff and teachers were great. They were approachable and very helpful for studies and social life in Australia."


Melinda Itael, Certificate IV in Ageing Support

“As an International student, BCA National has been the best training organisation that has helped me grow throughout the course. The staff are made up of a group of passionate people who are willing to help us in all aspects making our presence in Australia good and comfortable. I am glad to join BCA National."


Beverly Piniera, Diploma of Leadership and Management

“BCA National has provided me knowledge about heading and managing a team that is timely and appropriate to any organisation in Australia. The staff and lecturers are quick to respond to needs and very approachable. The teacher stimulates learning through sharing experiences in the class about each one's culture and practices."

Seon Min Han, Diploma of Community Services

“My training coordinator is Korean as well, so I can feel more comfortable in the school."

"I feel free to ask questions during class which is good."

"There are not too many students, so I don't need to rush to finish my assessment."

Diploma of Community Services Work, April 2016 Graduates

“BCA has given full support in classrom learning – keep up the good work. I could not ask for more! Lessons were interactive and everyone had the chance to particpate. The staff in the faciltity were supportive to my learning and I was able to learn how to effectilvy work with clients with disablility. The service and support proivded is excellent.”

“The trainer was very accessible. I could assimilate the subjects I was learning in class with the job in the work placement. The trainer was always able to help and find the best way to explain the subject using real examples, prompting discussions and role plays.”

“Lovely campus, lovely area, lovely staff, and good trainers.”

Certificate IV in Age Care, April 2016 Graduates

“BCA National is a good place to learn and provides for the needs of the students. The staff are very approachable. Instructors are well versed and knowledgeable of the subject they teach. Any issues or concerns were promptly addressed.”

“The student support staff are very good. The trainer is good and knows what he is doing and teaching. I have learned a lot from my work placement and I now feel confident in finding a job as a carer.”


What do our students say about BCA National:

  • 100% would recommend BCA National to their friends.
  • 72% ranked their last term of study at BCA National as excellent, with the remaining 28% ranking it as good.