Most Trusted Training Organisation

The Australian Government regulator for the Training sector, ASQA, has allowed a handful of Registered Training Organisations (RTO) - out of more than 5000! - to call themselves "one of Australia's most trusted training providers*".

BCA National Training Group is one of those RTOs!

This means that BCA National, through years of transparent operation and compliance to industry regulations, is allowed to make alterations to its course offerings without having to inform ASQA. It may not sound like a big deal but it says a lot about the quality of an RTO in the eyes of the Government regulator.

This also means that prospective students of BCA National can be confident that they are dealing with a trustworthy and quality RTO - a reputation that has been built over years of providing great outcomes for other students. 

If you are looking at other RTOs, you should check whether they have the same level of industry endorsement.