Entry Procedure - VET Guidelines


You can use VET Student Loans to finance an eligible Diploma level course. This Government loan allows you to defer the costs associated with your education until you are professionally employed. The procedure for applying for a VET Student Loan is as follows:

Educational Requirements

From January 2017, all VET Student Loan applicants must be able to meet one of the following requirements:

1. Provide BCA National with a copy of their School Certificate for successfully completing Year 12 studies, or

2. Successfully complete an online assessment, at exit Level 3 in an ASQA approved Language, Literacy and Numeracy test. Applicants will be sent a link to an assessment tool, via email. Your assessment tool may be provided by either ACER or BKSB.

This assessment does not require 100% perfect answers and includes a test section you can complete before attempting the actual assessment. Test results will be reported to applicants as soon as practicable and, if requested, sent to the Secretary of Dept of Education & Training.

3. Provide evidence of the previous completion of a Certificate IV or higher level qualification.

 Under 18s

If you are under 18 and want to apply for a VET Student Loan then you must have a parent or guardian co-sign the application form.  There are some exceptions to this requirement so please advise our Student Recruitment Coordinator if this applies to you.  

Invoice Notice

Upon or soon after enrolment you will receive a VET Student Loan Invoice notice from BCA National. The invoice notice will contain the breakdown of your  course cost and let you know what date you will incur your VET Student Loan debt. The debt will be paid to BCA National by the Government on your behalf over the course of your qualification. The invoice notice does NOT mean you have to pay money to BCA National.

Cooling Off Period

Once we receive your completed Enrolment Application Form we are required to wait for two days before requesting that you complete the VET Student Loan application form.  This provides you with a "cooling off" period, during which you can re-evaluate your study plans if you choose.

Proof of ID Documents

As part of your VET Student Loan application we need to be receive proof of your ID.  Instructions on how to provide this proof can be found here.

Course Costs

Please see the Schedule of Fees for 2017.

Tuition Assurance

Like every other RTO, we are required to carry Tuition Assurance which, in the event that we are forced to cease operating, would cover the cost of students moving to an alternative RTO. Details of our Tuition Assurance coverage is here.