Recognition of Prior Learning

Call BCA National now on 1300 79 67 87 for a free telephone interview to determine if you are eligible for us to award you with a nationally recognised qualification (or range of qualifications) based on your existing skills and knowledge through recognition of prior learning (RPL).

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

RPL is the process by which your existing skills, knowledge and experience gained throughout your life, regardless of how they have been acquired, are recognised towards the achievement of a nationally recognised qualification or Statement of Attainment. In other words, if you already know how to do something you don’t have to study it again just to pass the course - your existing skills or knowledge can be formally recognised.

People learn in many different ways. Recognition takes account of a person’s skills and knowledge, no matter how they were acquired, to enable them to gain exemptions in formal competency-based vocational courses. This learning may have occurred either formally or informally through:

Work experience
Life experience
Voluntary work
Other training and education

You may be eligible for some or all of the units that make up a qualification. To achieve the qualification, you may need to mix the recognition process with some formal learning. The outcome of the recognition process will either be:

Full Recognition - you gain the full qualification.  
Partial recognition by unit - a Statement of Attainment will be issued listing the units in which you have successfully gained recognition. For those units where recognition is not awarded you will be required to participate in the Training and Assessment pathway to gain the complete qualification or provide additional evidence towards recognition.
No recognition - to gain the qualification you will be required to participate in the complete program.

What Qualifications are available for RPL?

All our qualifications are available for RPL. Click here to see the schedule of fees for 2019.