Gap Year Options

Get more out of your Gap

Gap Year study with BCA National allows students the opportunity to earn while they learn - our courses are flexible, allowing students to study alongside work, and to gain experience of their chosen field before committing to a career.

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Why study with BCA National?


73% of students say that BCA National provides excellent quality of service.
BCA National is dedicated to your success, and our trainers and training coordinators are here to assist you and make sure that you achieve your learning goals. 


94% of students say that BCA National have excellent trainers.
Our trainers are experts in the subject matter they teach, with the knowledge and confidence to give our students the best learning outcomes. 


83% of students say that they recommend BCA National to others.
BCA National deliver great results, and our students are happy to share their successes with others. 


BCA National is an approved delegate of the Australian Skills Quality Authority.
This is a measure of the continually high results that we are able to achieve for our students. 


BCA National deliver training in central locations in city, suburban and rural areas across Australia.
If you would like to discuss the possibility of training in your area, call and speak to our admissions team today.


BCA National have a state of the art campus located in the heart of the Sydney CBD.
Study with us and experience life in one of Australia's most vibrant cities! 

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