An internship is a program that provides students and recent graduates with hands on practical work experience. It can be the connection between your completed education and your career. Gaining experience in the workplace provides you with an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate your ability to perform in a company setting.

Your qualification may have the requirement of work placement but this is not the same as an internship. The work placement element of your course is part of the compulsory content and is viewed by potential employers as just that. An internship, however, is viewed as something YOU have instigated and demonstrates your positive motivation!

The BCA Internship Program will connect you with a diverse range of relevant industry partners, ensuring your internship is tailored to your career goals. You’ll spend 8-12 weeks full-time or part-time, immersed in a host company alongside Australian professionals. At BCA National we cater for all levels of student needs and career aspirations. As such, we have developed two different Internship Program Packages - the Basic Internship package, and the Elite Internship Program (read more about both of these different package options below). So, what are you waiting for?


BCA National understands the importance in bridging the gap between study and employment. We recognise the significance of Work Integrated Learning experiences and the development of Career-Readiness skills. Building these skills and gaining invaluable work experience will provide you with strong employability outcomes, setting you apart from your peers.

We understand the job market is competitive, and that employers want you to come equipped with experience. There is truth in the old saying “you can’t get a job without experience, but you can’t get experience without a job”! As such, we have developed a robust internship program which ensures that 100% of all BCA National students have the ability to undertake a Vocational Program – whether a compulsory work placement as part of their study, or as an optional add-on career-enhancement activity.


Basic Internship Program

Integrating work readiness training with practical industry experience, BCA National have designed an Internship Program which features:

-          Career coaching and mentoring support prior to, during and after your internship

-          Resume writing, cover letter assistance and mock interviews

-          Access to Online Career Preparation

-          Personalised Training Plan

-          8-12 week full-time or part-time industry internship

-          Statement of Attainment for the nationally accredited unit BSBWOR404 Develop work priorities 

At completion of the BCA National Internship Program, you’ll be presented with a certificate of completion and statement of attainment for the nationally accredited unit BSBWOR404 Develop Work Priorities.  

Elite Internship Program

BCA National offers the Elite Internship Program which includes the Basic Internship Program PLUS a 1 day workshop encompassing the below:

Professional Profiling (Your Personal Brand)

Know how to use social media to gain better exposure to industry professionals. This includes creating your LinkedIn profile and building on your current skills, knowledge, experience and connections to better position yourself in the competitive market.

Networking Session (Industry Connectivity)

This will include building skills in the areas of networking, a guest speaker and understanding how to make the right connections. Gain knowledge on useful networking forums, contacts and events with up to date information about what is happening your industry.

Working effectively and competitively in the Australian Industry

Understand cultural differences, boundaries, and customs when working in an Australian workplace. Know how to communicate effectively using appropriate language, behaviour, and social skills.


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