Trainee graduates for Graduations page.jpgCompleting a course is an uplifting experience. Students often make personal sacrifices to devote time to attending classes, attending work placement and making sure assessments are in by the due date.

BCA National recognises the work that each student puts in to completing their qualification, and we strive to celebrate this achievement with them.

Our graduation ceremonies are held each quarter for the many groups of students across Australia who complete their training with BCA National and have achieved competency in all units of their skill set or qualification. These graduation ceremonies are held in central locations throughout each state, and often bring together separate groups to recognise each other’s accomplishments.

Students will receive an invitation and are able to celebrate their achievement with two additional guests.

Selected student speakers and trainers are invited to reflect on their time in their course. These short speeches are often moving and inspirational and reflect the friendships developed, skills learnt and confidence gained throughout the course. Client representatives are invited to attend, and may also be asked to say a few words.

Jed and Catherine graduation pic for Graduations page.jpgCertificates or Statements of Attainments are presented and photographs are taken before the celebratory cake is cut. With the formalities over, students can mingle and enjoy the moment knowing that their hard work has paid off.

Graduation ceremonies can be larger, more formal affairs or smaller, more informal celebrations. For client-based groups, private graduation ceremonies can be organised.