Finding Work Placement

Why do you need to complete Work Placement?

As part of your course, you may be required to complete practical placement hours to satisfy your course requirements. The easiest way to achieve the practical component of your course is to volunteer with a relevant organisation.

Not only will you gain valuable skills and knowledge through work placement, but you will develop invaluable relationships, networks and life experiences to support your long-term career aspirations.

This is particularly useful for job seekers or people who wish to switch careers but have no prior relevant work experience in their chosen career path.

There are thousands of volunteer opportunities available across Australia every year, with over 6 million people volunteering annually. Approximately 95% of all government not-for-profit organisations rely on volunteers.

We encourage you to go out and start speaking to your local organisations about volunteer opportunities.

Finding Work Placement

There are hundreds of websites that you can access to look for practical placement. You will need to use the search bar and/or site navigation to look up volunteer opportunities relevant to your course.

Some useful websites include:

Seek Volunteer -
The Centre for Volunteering -
NSW Volunteering -
Go Volunteer -

Use the Public School Locator - - to find your local public school

Each student is responsible for finding his or her own work placement, however BCA National can provide advice and direction through our Vocational Placement Team.

Applying for placement or work

Once you have identified an opportunity, the next step is to research more about the role or organisation by looking at the organisation’s website. Even a quick Google search will prove very useful.

The following guide will assist in making the first step less daunting:

  1. Research the organisation and the role/area you want to work in
  2. Write down any questions you may have about the role or organisation
  3. Call to the organisation to see if they can assist with your questions and find out more
  4. Ask them about the application process for the role
  5. Complete the required documentation which may include:
    1. Police Check or Working With Children Check
    2. Resume or CV
    3. Cover letter
    4. Submit your application
    5. If you have not heard back within a week, follow up with a phone call
    6. Contact BCA National to let us know once you are placed or if you require any further assistance

What do I do if I can't find placement after following all these steps?

In the first instance, speak with your Trainer or Training Coordinator who may be able to provide further advice.

You can also contact our Vocational Placement Coordinator, Katarina Stankovic on 1300 69 35 65.

We encourage all students to independently develop their skills to prepare for practical placement opportunities. We cannot guarantee placement but can assist in following up with applications and contact made with organisations by students.

The Vocational Placement Coordinator can assist with contacting and meeting potential organisations - on behalf of students - who are willing to take them on.