Education Courses

If you are a naturally caring person who enjoys spending time with the youngest members of our society, a career as child carer may be what would suit you best. The child care services in Australia is currently worth over 11 Billion and over 2015-16, it is expected that roughly 1.6 million children aged 12 and under will attend childcare centres or require childcare services. The sector is expected to keep on growing steadily as the high cost of living forces parents back into the workforce and healthy Government assistance makes it possible for parents to invest in child care services.

At BCA National Training Group, we have a variety of courses available to those seeking a career in the child care sector. You can choose to specialise in either early childhood education and care, or school age education and care if you prefer a school or after school care setting. We also have options for those who prefer a classroom based role such as Teacher’s aide.

Our courses are flexible and can be combined to form dual qualifications which will in turn qualify you for a wider variety of roles. If you would like to discuss your options further and get more insight into career outcomes and work placement, simply contact us on 1300 79 67 87.

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