Call Centre Manager Job Outlook

Call centre managers are team leaders who oversee the operations of an office floor. Most call centre managers demonstrate high levels of confidence and are great communicators with the ability to forge and manage quality customer relationships. Daily responsibilities include management of team members, maintaining high levels of customer service, managing team KPIs and resolving occasional customer disputes.


Expected Salary

On average, call centre managers make $66,040 per annum. This is significantly more than retail managers and slightly higher than cafe and restaurant managers.

Call Centre Manager Income.png


Call centre managers are predominately males. 54.5% of full-time managers are male, and 35.6% comprise of full-time female managers.

Customer Service Gender.png

Weekly Work Hours

Male full-time managers tend to work an average of 43.5 hours on a weekly basis. Female managers in full-time positions work an average of 37.7 hours.

Customer Service Hours.png

Age Groups

At 30.4%, most call centre managers are aged between 35-44. 27.9% are aged between 25-34 and 20.1% being 45-54 year old.

Customer Service Age.png

Employment Rate By State

NSW holds the highest employment of call centre managers at 33.5%. Victoria and Queensland are next, sitting at 25.6% and 18.5% respectively.

Customer Service State.png

Employment Level

Call centre managers were in high demand in 2009, employing a total of 43,500 managers nation-wide. Demand has dropped in later years and is expecting to be on the rise again by 2018.

Customer Service Employment.png

Education Level

A majority of call centre managers have finished their year 12 certificate and hold a certificate III or IV. No managers have been employed without completing at least a bare minimum of a year 10 certificate.

Customer Service Education.png

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Disclaimer: The figures and data found on this page are representations of actual data found on the Australian Government's Job Outlook website. The information provided on this page should only act as a general guide.