Alumni Stories


Hello everyone,

It was very daunting when I first received the first folder & looked through the amount of reading and the questions we had to answer. I kept saying to myself ‘What have I gotten myself into’, but with the support of my family I succeeded.

Susan was and is a godsend; she helped us through it all with her many slideshows and printed notes. At times we could get carried away during discussions but we took turns getting us back on track.

Even through it could be overwhelming at the start of each unit it was always a thrill to receive Sue’s email stating ‘Congratulations! You have been assessed as competent’.

Our face to face class quickly became fast friends and we spent a lot of time helping each other in and out of the classroom. We enjoyed looking at photos of Sue’s new house as it was being built and what was happening in each other’s lives good or bad. We celebrated birthdays with afternoon party food and cakes I baked. I don’t know how we could eat any more after the beautiful lunches Concept 33 at Rooty Hill RSL provided for us. All the staff took good care of us especially Louise.

During the course I had the opportunity to look at another RTO’s workbooks and assessment through a friend; it was a lot more complicated and harder to understand. BCA National delivers easy to understand course work, have terrific trainers to guide and help us complete the work as is shown by the number of graduates here today.

After many years volunteering in my children’s classrooms this helped me accomplish the course, I now have more knowledge and feel more confident helping the children and meeting their needs.

I think I can speak for everyone in my class that we enjoyed every minute of it even if at times there were tears, hair pulling and swearing we all felt a little lost when it was finished.

We continue to keep in touch with each other and are still waiting for the invitation to Sue’s housewarming party.

Thank you