Parap Campus, Darwin


BCA National Darwin is located in Parap, a lovely Darwin suburb, with markets on the weekend. The office is fitted out with comfortable classrooms, student breakout areas, and is easily accessible from Darwin's City Business District.

For more information on our Parap campus, please contact us on 08 8942 3580.


NT Entitlement Funding

•   live in the Northern Territory (NT)
•   are an Australian citizen, permanent resident or hold a visa without work or study restrictions; or are a New Zealand citizen who has lived in Australia for over six months
•   are at least 17 years old and have left school
•   preferably don't already have a Certificate III level qualification or above

Training Loan Scheme

Eligible students will be residents of the Northern Territory who are either Australian or New Zealand citizens who have resided in Australia for the last six months or persons with Permanent Residency visas. RTOs will be required to validate that participants meet the eligibility criteria prior to accepting their enrolment.

User Choice Funding

An employee who has worked continuously for an employer either full-time for three months, or part-time or casual for 12 months, prior to entering into an apprenticeship or traineeship Contract of Training will be deemed an existing worker

Under the this policy, an existing worker:

•   Is eligible to access User Choice funded training to undertake an apprenticeship
•   Is not eligible to access User Choice funded training to undertake a traineeship

Exceptions to this policy are where the existing worker is:

•   a person who worked when attending school and is subsequently entering a traineeship with the same employer

•   undertaking a traineeship in an occupation experiencing skills shortages as listed on the NT Skilled Occupation Priority List

•   progressing to a higher level qualification within the same National Training Package, no more than 12 months after completing a previous apprenticeship or traineeship. The department will fund only the one progression, for example, Certificate II to a Certificate III

•   an Indigenous person

Non-residents of Australia

•   Australian citizens
•   New Zealand citizens who have resided in Australia for the last six months
•   Persons with Permanent Residency visas or Persons with Temporary Protection visas

Only have funding for:

•   Diploma of Community Services
•   Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention
•   Certificate III in Individual Support
•   Certificate III in Accounts Administration

Future Skills WA

Future Skills WA provides a guaranteed, subsidised training place for eligible students enrolled in courses that are deemed State priority qualifications, where a training place is available. The guarantee means that for State priority courses, the Government will not limit the number of training places it subsidises.

Under Future Skills WA, there is no upper age limit and no restrictions based on your previous level of awarded qualification.

You are eligible for a guaranteed training place if you have left school, your primary place of residence is in Western Australia and you are:

•   an Australian citizen; or

•   a permanent visa holder or holder of visa subclass 309, 820 or 826; or

•   a dependent or spouse of the primary holder of a visa subclass 457.

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