Our Values

BCA National shapes its program and its business relationships around its values. These values form an imperative part of our evaluation of success in any venture.


Creative, respectful relationships are the platform for our learning.

Client relationships are developed around honest exchange and commitment to shared goals.

In practice:

We build effective, mutually rewarding relationships with clients, students, other providers, and government.


Learning must link to achievement and contribution.

Training must challenge the individual, and thus build confidence.

In practice:

We will be courageous when exploring possibilities - learning from experience is a reward.

Creating value

Learning creates employment opportunity for people and groups.

Current industry knowledge is an essential and vital resource.

In practice:

We ensure every client, corporation or individual leaves BCA National feeling they have gained from the experience. We strive to be experts in our field.

Leadership and learning

Lead by action - BCA National has to set training benchmarks, not just follow others.

There is no substitute for working hard to get things right the first time.

In practice:

We do the hard work and make every product, every presentation, first class.


Say it as it is but always with respect.

In practice:

We name problems and accept them, then find solutions with those involved.


Creating a future for our planet with an environmental commitment and embracing social responsibility. 

In practice:

We apply an environmental awareness to decision-making, recycling and using environmentally aware practices in our offices and training rooms. We seek opportunities to support the communities in which we have a presence.