Our Staff

Bachelor of Science (Hons)
in Psychology

Certificate IV
in Training & Assessment

Nicola Lloyd - Client Relations and Development Manager

Nicola has been with us for over 24 months following her previous role at the Partnership for Child Development at the Imperial College London. She has a diverse background with over 8 years of project management experience in not-for-profit organisations, including 2 years supporting cancer research and 4 years supporting education and health programs.

Nicola has a great passion for the empowerment education can bring and strives to have a positive impact in all her work. She has volunteered at a mental health and homeless drop-in centre over a 14-month period as well as supported many charity sporting events both as a participant and through fundraising.

At BCA National, Nicola oversees the NSW and QLD training teams. Her professional yet friendly and personable nature helps her to quickly develop positive relationships with students and colleagues alike.


Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

Graduate Diploma of Vocational Education & Training

Diploma of Disability Work

Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

John Seeds - Online Student Support & Engagement Manager

John has extensive experience in the community services sector, having participated in the development and facilitation of several rounds of training with indigenous communities and supporting workers for FACS and Family & Community Services NSW: Ageing, Disability & Home Care.

Previously a manager at Pegasus Group, John’s experience includes developing, presenting and assessing numerous units across disability, children’s services and other community service qualifications.

His in-depth understanding of the disability services sector is based on over 13 years of experience in various positions with The Spastic Centre of NSW as a residential support worker, community support worker, transition key-worker, accommodation site manager and supported employment manager.

With his wide-ranging knowledge and personal experience, John has been one of BCA National’s lead trainers since 2010 and took on the role of Online Student Support & Engagement Manager in 2018.




Certificate IV 
in Training & Assessment

Colleen Williams - Training Coordinator

Colleen has been working for the NSW team as a training coordinator for the past 2 years. With a background in the travel industry, first coordinating and managing business travel for corporate clients and managing travel logistics for large scale events, she brings over 10 years of project management and administrative coordination experience to the role.

Originally from South Africa, Colleen has lived much of her life in the UK and has travelled extensively including long stays in the USA and Taiwan before settling down in Sydney.  She has a passion for personal and professional development and loves learning from new cultures and experiences.

She has completed her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. As a Training Coordinator, Colleen supports students in our Education and Community Service courses in New South Wales, and enjoys assisting students to fulfil their educational goals.




Bachelor of
Tourism Studies

in Planning and Development

Rachel Wilson - Senior Training Coordinator

Rachel brings a wealth of experience in training and student support, with over 8 years in education institutions across 4 continents. This includes 3 years teaching English as a second language in Asia and her previous position directly supporting adult learners at a training college in her native Canada.

Rachel is passionate about travel and learning about other cultures. After four years in Asia, she returned to her Native Canada where she facilitated TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) training, during which her main role was to counsel potential, current and past students on completing the various modules of the course and subsequently in their adventures in seeking and obtaining overseas teaching positions. She excelled at it because of the knowledge she had gained in her four years living and travelling throughout Asia, as well as continued research on the industry demands.

She assisted students in writing and perfecting their international teaching resumes and cover letters, showing them the best places to find jobs, prepping them for interviews, reviewing their applications and contracts, and advising them on visas and the overall process of moving abroad. She has brought elements of all the things she learned in her previous varied roles to her present role at BCA National.