About BCA National

One of Australia's most trusted RTOs

BCA National Training Group (BCA National) is a registered training organisation (registered with ASQA - National RTO ID: 91758) offering quality training in business, community services, conservation and land management, construction, education, finance, governance, and training and assessment.

We aim to inspire and develop capability in organisations and individuals, and are particularly experienced in remote and rural delivery. From our head office in Sydney, we have delivered training in over 50 locations across NSW and many more nationwide.

The company is committed to the idea that knowledge creates a future for individuals, communities and organisations. Through flexible, blended and client focused delivery models, BCA National prepares people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to compete in an international job market.

BCA National is committed to a vision that "knowledge creates a future for individuals, communities and organisations".

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If you are concerned about the bad publicity currently impacting the education sector, please read the following open letter from our CEO, here.

News & Blog

Can studying online save you money?

Living in Australia can be expensive. but luckily for you, taking online courses in Australia doesn’t have to be a pricey proposition.

BCA National outperforms every other RTO

BCA National has out scored all other RTOs, in every category, in a satisfaction survey completed by past students and managed by AQIS.

Why a Mix of Online and In-Person Learning is Best

Learning online with a mix of in-person classes is called blended learning. This style of education comes with a variety of great benefits for both you and trainers.

BCA National Wins LearnX Award 2016

The Awards were decided mid-April 2016 and BCA National were judged as Silver Award winners in the Best Talent: Learning Team category.

The Benefits of Studying Online

Unlike attending uni, where lectures and tutorials are set in stone, studying online gives you the chance to learn when it’s most convenient for you.

University & Career Pathways

My career counsellor at school never mentioned anything about becoming a Panda Nanny as far as I can recall (I think I would have remembered it!).